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Pylon Racing in Brazil - 2006
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Assisting in making a racing documentary


"Pretty in Red, and the best caller in the country".


"We are on the clock!"

"Tighter around two three, lets go!"


"Come this way, another 20 feet."

"There is one on the left and one in the middle of the runway. Go right!"

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Photos supplied by
 Mabo Amano

Thoughts from a "Modeling" wife.

I woke up this Sunday morning thinking , ahhh, a good day to go to the flying field. Now you know I don't fly, but when I saw another rainy day in the Northwest, I was disappointed. It made me think of all the times I've been asked by other modelers wives," Why do you go out there? "Do you really like this stuff?" "Don't you get angry at the time it takes and the money spent?". I thought perhaps you'd like a story told by this modelers wife.

When Darrol and I met 14 years ago I had not had the opportunity to go to restaurants, stay in motels, or travel much at all. When he asked me if I'd like to go to Denver for a pattern contest, I thought, humm, 12 hour drive, his undivided attention all the way there and all the way back, eating out, staying in a brainer. SURE!  When I got there an added bonus. GREAT PEOPLE!  And at the next contest many of the same people were there and some new ones. And as the years passed, many contests, lots of memories have been made on the field, off the field, in the restaurants, and yes, as if its any of your business, in the motels with Darrol. A vastly expanded travel log is now mine. Which brings me to present day.

As many of you know my Father died four months ago. At his funeral I walked up to an alter filled with many flowers. So breathtaking, I had to stop and compose myself. When I  read each and every card it was becoming obvious that the majority of the flowers were from friends in the modeling community. To say the very least I was speechless and moved beyond expression. When I think of modeling I don't think of the time consumption, the expense, and the long weekends away from home. I think of the opportunity to make new friends and nurture long standing relationships. I think of how we've made so many wonderful memories. I think of how comforted I felt looking at those flowers. I feel....blessed.

I thank Darrol for giving me the opportunity to accompany him and sharing this side of him with me. I thank  God for giving me the wisdom to allow the experience to happen.

Thank all of you for being you,

Rhonda Cady

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