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Bugatti All Composite Q40

Kit includes composite body in a variety of colours. Composite wing  built from Aluminium moulds in a base colour . Trim colours available are currently blue, orange, purple, gold, black, green, and of course the red, white and yellow. Extra paint work and race numbers and logos are available upon request.  2 piece stab and carbon spatted landing gear.

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The brand new Bugatti Q-40 available November 2015!

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Your color painted in the mold if desired same price

Other items for your Supercat
1/8"Carbon fiber PushRods
1.75" Jett counter balanced spinner for Nelson engines
Wheels and axels
Dubro 4-40 threaded rods
Super Tanker
PowerSaver After-run oil
Racing Tape







All Composite Q-40

640.00 each




80.00 or 100.00 for two


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