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Sump'n Else All Composite Q40

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Sump'n Else"Sump'n Else?", it really is! Rhonda and I have just completed our third race weekend with this airplane. I could have raced it on the test flight a month ago, it took no trim. The second flight I added a quarter to the left wing and that is what it needed. The next flight was a heat race…

I knew that it was a great flying airplane, but until today I did not know how fast it was. It is every bit as fast as the Polecat, and we all know that it is and has been the standard for speed for the last couple of years.

The Sump'n Else comes with a two piece wing and removable tail. It will fit in a small box for shipment on an airplane for travel. It will not cost you extra for size or weight… It is just a piece of your luggage. If you want to have a one piece wing, a brush and a little 30 minute epoxy will make it a one piece in about 32 minutes.<G>

As a matter of fact, all of our racers are delivered with the two piece wing. The Polecat, ShotGun, SlingShot, and the Sump'n Else with the two piece wing technology will be the norm soon. Shipping costs of both kits and built airplanes are going to make all to follow.

Sump'n Else
The base price includes one color painted in the mould

Additional colors: $25.00 each color
Numbers: $15.00
Random checkers, or special trim: $25.00
Install firewall: $25.00
Fill seams on fuse and paint to match: $50.00
Shipping to your door: $80.00 for one $100 for two

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Ready to Assemble Sump'n Else Q40 racer kit $790.00

Other items for your Q40
1/8"Carbon fiber PushRods
1.5" Jett counter balanced spinner for Nelson engines
Jett flat tank
Wheels and axels
Dubro 4-40 threaded rods
Super Tanker
PowerSaver After-run oil

Racing Tape

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