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Endeavor AR-6 All Composite Q40

Kit includes composite body in a variety of colours. Composite wing  built from Aluminium moulds in a base colour . Trim colours available are currently blue, orange, purple, gold, black, green, and of course the red, white and yellow. Extra paint work and race numbers and logos are available upon request.  2 piece stab and carbon spatted landing gear.

Call me for details.

"All the airplanes currently being used have some "unscale" areas. There really isn't any way to avoid it unless the rules required scale outlines within a specific percentage. The being said, Dave English's AR-6 is probably the closest to the actual airplane as far as keeping the key features and shapes of the real ones." Gary S.

The brand new AR-6 Q-40 is now available! Available with optional two piece wing!

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Endeavor designed by Bruce DeChastel andand tested by Jim Allen is the continuing development of the mid-wing Q40 racers. It has become the top contender in the fast lane. Iit has been taking top spots and fast times all over the country.

Quality is great! Bruce DeChastel is producing some of the best airplanes at any price. The design matches the quality. Order yours today and get in the winners circle.

Shipping 1 airplane $80, 2 airplanes $100

Ready to Assemble Supercat Q40 racer kit $790.00
Your color painted in the mold if desired same price

Other items for your Supercat
1/8"Carbon fiber PushRods
1.75" Jett counter balanced spinner for Nelson engines
Wheels and axels
Dubro 4-40 threaded rods
Super Tanker
PowerSaver After-run oil
Racing Tape

Special interest, click on item:
Supercat kit assembly instructions
Assembled Supercat instructions
Supercat drawings, pdf format

Supercat extra options:
Pre-installed firewall $25
Fill fuse seams and paint to match $50

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