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Assembled Polecat Q40 Instruction Sample

Instructions for Framed Polecat:

1. Before painting I would install the rudder pushrod and rudder horn. Next, drill your holes in the fuselage for the tank and install your shut off. Next install the landing gear per the plans (see the picture below for the method I use). Trim and fit both the engine cover and the landing gear cover. Lastly, if you are using an antenna tube install your tube.
2. In preparation for painting, sand the entire airplane using 220 or 320 grit paper. After sanding I spray the entire airplane with a white base coat then my colors. This gives you a good even base for painting. If you fly white airplanes this kills two birds with one stone.
3. After painting I install tape to the moving surfaces and slide the other end into the opening to seal the hinge lines. The tape I use is #RCC7017 from Racer's Choice R/C products, (http://www.leisure-time.com/rcc.htm)
4. See the attached pictures below for reference.
5. How to tighten the wing: Because the screws are on an angle you can tighten one side too much. You need to loosely tighten all 4 and then tighten each side until the canopy lines up with the fuselage. If the canopy is way off to one side, then that side is too tight, loosen those screws and tighten the opposite side screws

"Alert: If the center web and/or the vertical bulkhead in the front of the wing saddle of the fuse is, modified or removed, then you must put lots of epoxy and glass fiber "goop" under and around each of the front wing mounting blocks. A plywood gusset front and rear of the blocks attached to the fuse sides would be a good solution as well.
To not do this,can and probably will cause the wing blocks to leave the fuse along with the wing. Not a good thing."







All Composite Q-40

425.00 each


Q-40 Painted

All Composite Q-40

545.00 each (call Darrol)


35.00 or 40.00 for two


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